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The Megan Affair: Part One Eleanor  Black

The Megan Affair: Part One

Eleanor Black

25 pages
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 About the Book 

John and Sarahs marriage is at crisis point once she discovers his affair with a girl less than half his age. As he stands ready to walk out for the last time, one final argument brings them into each others unwelcoming arms again. Their evening descends through a spell of domestic violence into one of aggressive sexual gratification as each party attempts to out-fuck the other.Consider The Megan Affair - Part One to be a documentary of a sexual sparring match, as John and Sarah use sex as a weapon against each other as the youthful Megan appears on the scene. This first instalment details one horrific and unforgettable night in the redrawing of their marriage. Graphic sex and sadomasochistic violence are plentiful, by the end you will be in a complete state of suspense, impatient to discover how the story develops in part two.