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The Witching Time Fayrene Preston

The Witching Time

Fayrene Preston

ISBN : 9780816152650
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 About the Book 

Something strange was going on in Hilary, Virginia -- Noah Braxton felt it the moment he arrived when a golden-haired, blue-eyed witch cast a spell and stole his heart! Rhiannon York beguiled the slightly staid but definitely sexy New York lawyer with her bewitching eyes and her scent of exotic spices and wild flowers. Her touch of fire melted Noahs hard edges and made him long to lose control in her arms, but was the sensual web she wove only a tantalizing illusion that would disappear with the dawn? Trailed by a black cat whose blue eyes shared Rhiannons hypnotic power, Noah tried to uncover the mysterious secret that had brought him to the small town, but he kept coming back to the lady whose lips tasted of moonlight. Hed shattered her peace, but Rhiannon feared he would never belong. Could the fiery enchantress teach Noah the joy of believing in dreams come true?